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The prisoners live autumn bird cage

The cage more and more frequently used in Home Furnishing soft outfit, wedding arrangement, the original material to prison but was given a new meaning: extension of full of flowers from the cage proudly, growth, the performance of the nature of life is unstoppable.
Material: bird cage; orange autumn chrysanthemum, hydrangea, Eucalyptus fruit, Shikaomei, Balloonflower bud; the flower mud, glass, paper, scissors.

1 prepare a 3~4 cm thick flower mud, cut into the cage for the size (glass paper or foil wet insulation), first in the upward direction inserted a little autumn Hydrangea and Shikaomei occlusion Huani, then cover the cage;

The 2 side surface of the flower mud, through the cage inserted a circle of autumn Hydrangea and Shi Kaomei;
3 insert the main flower small orange chrysanthemum (inserted direction to be scattered, green bud) can make Platycodon color a little over, garnish with Eucalyptus on fruit.
Fifi floral Hall

Text / figure
Harvey, floral workers.
Cancer, anthomaniac, soft girl home.
I hope to convey sincerity and warmth to people with flowers. Love creative floral works.
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